image121.pngMRDCL Central is a scripting language for tabulations that helps to automate and integrate with other systems easily.

The original MRDCL has excelled in processing tabulations of any complexity from your script. MRDCL will enable you to produce any crosstabulations you need. This is now called MRDCL Classic.

MRDCL Central has the features of MRDCL Classic including export and print features. MRDCL Central also has additional features like new import feature for importing Triple S files and importing SPSS sav files. It comes with a user interface design focusing on what users need, including a built-in Color-coded Editor, log and generated files viewers.


There are 3 subscription types available in MRDCL Central. The free, the Basic, and the Premium.

The free version has a limited feature. The free version allows the user to use MRDCL Central as an editor of the set-up files. It also allows the user to generate a XLSX file (Report Indexer) based from the existing output table that was created via MRDCL Classic.

The basic MRDCL Central has the following features: Recent List, Color-coded Editor, View Variable, Report Indexer, Export, Print, Batch Run, Project Files.

Premium MRDCL Central has an added feature of Import SPSS. Additional premium feature will be added in the future.

For more details on the license terms and conditions, see price list in our website.