This distributable program is a subset of the QPSMR Menu system that gives access to the [Tables] menu for processing supplied IDF data.

There is no licence fee for Reflect.

The data for Reflect is created by a CL set-up (data stage). The [Export][ Data export] menu is then used to create a .QRFX (reflect master file). This .QRFX file and copies of the three files from the KFILE sub-directory (.IDF .ILF .ICF) are then supplied to the Reflect user.

When writing a set-up for later export to Reflect please use X (or both V and H) and XT (or both VT and HT) labels for all variables which the Reflect user needs access to.

If the survey is weighted then the weights will need to be input to the data stage so that variable $WEIGHT can be placed onto the IDF. This is done by duplicating the data stage set-up to a new set-up file and using the ITF Run Control Parameter to input the tables from the original set-up. The appropriate cell can then be extracted to variable $WEIGHT from the table of factors in the same way as is normally done in the tables stage.

A variable (svar or mvar) called $LEVEL will be recognised by Reflect and will be used to control which level of data is to be processed from a hierarchical data set.