CL Export

Run Control Parameter CSV2 can be used to generate a Tables CSV file of the tables. This file may be loaded directly into a spreadsheet or database program. The first column in this file is used to identify the contents of each line. See CSV2.

Incremented tables may also be exported from the view menu. For this to work you must have printed the tables with Run Control Parameter CSV2 set. This causes a CSV file to be generated at the same time as the Tables file. The [Edit][Copy] spreadsheet option causes all the tables in the CSV file to be output to the Clipboard. The cells and associated labels can then be pasted into a spreadsheet program.

A CL set-up that contains a DATA STAGE may be used to export the data.

The RCP EXPORT can be used to automatically export the data.

There are various additional options from the [Export][Data] menu. Some exports to specific programs (CL Insight, SPSS, SAS, Quantum) output the variable texts as well as the data. There is also a Triple-S export that outputs texts and data.

The same menu may be used to convert the data into a Reflect database. This does not convert the data because the .IDF file (with the associated .ICF and .ILF) is used directly from Reflect. Only a .QRF file is generated, the other files are copied.